Empowering Growth,
Ensuring Health.

Enabling teams to streamline onboarding processes, transition toward digital record-keeping, effortlessly generate medical certificates, and proactively address risks, all while ensuring seamless operations.

Exceptional companies use Checkit for their health assessments.
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Automate Your Processes

Your Go-To Occupational Health and Mass Screening Solution

Eliminate administrative hassles for your team, allowing you to concentrate on what truly holds significance.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity
  • Streamline onboarding with patient scheduling and registration.
  • Efficiently create and manage electronic health records.
  • Proactively address risks.
Digitize Your Workflow
  • Transition toward digital record-keeping.
  • Keep historical records accessible at all times.
  • Generate reports for you and your customers.
Reduce Employee Time in the Waiting Room
  • Enable self-check-in services.
  • Minimize paperwork for a quicker assessment experience.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction.
Privacy and Data Security Compliant Platform
  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and POPIA for your practice and your customers.
  • Keep your data safe at all times.
  • Securely collaborate with your staff, patients, and partners in real-time.

Unlock the full potential of your operations

Used to power up assessments for all types of health projects

You can use Checkit to build any type of health assessment project. Here are some examples of how our customers are using Checkit to improve their operations

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