Community and Educational Preventative Care Programs

Whether you are conducting mass screening in educational institutions or servicing community preventative care programs, Checkit platform offers an ideal management solution. With its live monitoring features, the platform empowers teams to accelerate the screening process and extend their reach to a broader audience with the same resources.

By implementing end-to-end automation for the patients' journey, you can significantly enhance the efficiency of your program. This automation eliminates the need for paperwork, reduces manual operations and administrative overhead, and ensures a consistent level of care throughout your operation.

The modular solution offered by Checkit is effectively designed to adapt to the evolving needs of your growing organization, established operation, or ensuring compliance with government tender requirements.

Benefits of Partnering with Checkit

  • Transparency and Trust – Provide schools or program managers with access to monitor the program progress and identify individuals with potential health issues.
  • Better Care - Individuals can monitor their health over time via secure access to their current and historical records.
  • Increase Efficiency- Reduce program overhead as you minimize administrative overhead and manual data capturing.

Checkit compared with other solutions
Without CheckitWith Checkit
AdministrationManual collection of paper forms, consents, and payments

Estimated time: 3 hours*
Bulk upload patients via spreadsheet, or send a link for an on-line enrollment form

Automated Workflow
Health screeningDocumenting patients’ information, verifying payment and consent forms, documenting the screening result

Estimated time: 20 hours*
Patient information is available in advance and exam results are logged directly to the platform

Estimated time: 4 hours*
Share screening resultsFilling a printed letter to the patient or legal guardian with the exam results

Estimated time: 3 hours*
Patients or legal guardian receive a link to view their screening result on the Checkit portal

Automated Workflow
Statistics and follow-upCollecting results documented on paper forms into a spreadsheet for further review and follow-up

Estimated time: 10 hours*
Live dashboard and reports flagging which require further follow-up

Automated Workflow

*Average time based on 100 people

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