Flexible Modules

Customize Your Health Assessment Workflow

Adapt our modular workflows effortlessly to match your preventive healthcare and large-scale screening needs.

Modular Workflow with checkit
online patient enrollment with checkit
Online Patient Enrollment

Streamline the collection of patient information, consent forms, questionnaires, and payments

Easily collect patients' information, consent forms, questionnaires, and payments prior to the assessment day.

Still using paper forms? No problem, Checkit help you digitize your papers to keep it safe and secure all in one place.

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Monitor Progress

Stay informed about your progress

Step-by-step breakdown of the health assessment process, together with exams data retrieved via electronic forms or connected devices, empowers the team to take proactive steps at the right time

Patient Health Overview

Gather all your patient information in one place

We bring together all your patient information, including health records, forms, questionnaires, and exam results, in one place for your easy review and action.

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Stakeholder Access, PDF, CSV, Email

Effortless Sharing of Patient Results

You can quickly download or share health assessment results online by the press of a button, saving you valuable time and reducing printing costs.

Interested in generating a medical or fitness certificate? Checkit simplifies the process by allowing you to quickly create one based on your information

share results by email, csv or pdf
transparency and trust
Transparency and Trust

Enhanced Collaboration with Stakeholders

Invite relevant stakeholders from outside your organization to view the project real-time progress or outcome on Checkit portal

You have the flexibility to provide varying levels of access to your stakeholders, from a simple "pass / refer" to a comprehensive view of the patient's health assessment results, or even allow them to collaborate with you on the project.

Easy Integration

Easily Connect with the medical devices you're already using

Checkit is compatible with a wide range of medical devices and can be integrated with your existing systems. Whether you’re using a single device or a combination of devices, exams results will be automatically streamlined to the Checkit platform, expediting the assessments process and preserving data integrity.

Vision Screening

Body Vitals

Audio Screening

Body Metrics

Body Health

Any other solutions

Bring agility to your health assessment process

You can use Checkit to build any type of health assessment project. Here are some examples of how our customers are using Checkit to improve their operations

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Learn why Nuvolis chose Checkit to build its preventative care operation

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Have a read through some of our FAQs or contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

A preventive care visit is a visit for preventive care, for people with no known disease or physical symptoms. It is recommended to have a preventive care check at least once a year to monitor your overall health.

Preventive Care visit may include a review of your current health and medical history and counseling about ways to improve your overall health. If you have a chronic disease, consult with your physician if further medical checks and monitoring are necessary.
Preventive care is the first step in the healthcare journey for everyone everywhere. Screening health assessments relieves the pressure off medical systems, and are highly available to the masses with reduced costs and expedited checks.

Everyone can benefit from preventive care:
  • - People who are healthy and have no known disease or physical symptoms.
  • - People who have a chronic disease, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • - People who have a family history of a disease, such as heart disease or cancer.
  • - People who are at risk for a disease, such as people who smoke or are overweight.
We are working with a number of partners therefore it is possible that we already support your equipment, if not, we are always welcoming new partners, devices, and integrations.

Contact us to find out more.
The Checkit platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure cloud services platform, which is certified to the ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 standards for information security and cloud security.

We use the latest encryption technologies to ensure your data is safe and secure in transit and at rest. We also have a dedicated team of security experts who are constantly monitoring our systems to ensure your data is safe and secure.
Getting started with Checkit is easy. Simply contact us so we can understand your needs and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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