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Businesses across the globe trust Checkit to help them manage their health screening and assessment programs. Discover a few of their projects, use cases and results.

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Learn how Scope Plus Group gained a competitive edge by using Checkit

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Learn why Nuvolis chose Checkit to build its health assessment operation

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“Using Checkit is very efficient. Once the screening is done all we need to do is press a button and the reports get sent out directly to all the parents, before it took us a long time to document everything and print out individual paper prints for everyone”

Bridgitte M. | Visual Therapist at Tomlinson Optometrists

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Learn why ABC Screening chose Checkit as the driver to scale up

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See how Cyber School utilized Checkit to service larger audience under their preventative care program

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"Checkit is wonderful. We are really enjoying it, and our clients are enjoying it. It is very flexible and we received timely assistance and support. We receive good feedback from the employees. Thanks to you guys we have an edge over our competitors."

Francis N. | Owner of Scope Plus

“Using the Spot Vision Screener to screen students is very easy, but managing it on a mass scale is another issue. [...], the administration around each student would take us almost 10 minute - verifying the student has a signed consent form and payment has been provided, recording the student information on the small device screen, and copying the exam results from the device to our records and the form shared with the parents. Checkit is solving all that for us and we can screen over 250 students a day.”

Bianca K. | Field Operator at ABC Screening

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Learn how Tomlinson Optometrists increased practice footprint with Checkit

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